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Sugar Series, Classical Guitar String Set, Normal Tension (.66 - 1.10w)
Item ID: 155C

List Price: $28.95


The Aquila Sugar Series classical guitar string feature treble strings that are made using a bio-plastic derived from sugar-cane. Bass strings are made with a special red-colored protective varnish that not only assures less noise under the fingers, but it also prevents allergic reactions to metals, and the unwanted oxidation processes that frequently occur on common strings with silver plated copper winding. The sound of these strings is clearly bright, clean and prompt, and provide great acoustic power. Unlike Fluorocarbon strings, these strings surely provide an excellent vibrato and a remarkable timbre variation when changing the right hand position from near to the bridge to over the sound hole. Furthermore, these strings have both the sweetness and sing-ability of gut, and at the same time the clearness and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon. Even though the surface is extremely smooth, the grip on the fingers is remarkable; in other words, they never feel slippery.
  • Strings for classical guitar / acoustic guitar
  • 6-string set
  • Normal tension for ebgdae tuning
  • Gauges (mm): 0.66, 0.80, 0.98, 0.75w, 0.93w, 1.10w
  • Manufactured by using a bio-plastic derived from sugar-cane
  • Transparent treble strings, wound bass strings
  • Special red-colored protective varnish for bass strings
  • Clear, brilliant and prompt sound
  • Excellent vibrato and a remarkable timbre variation
  • Superior sustain and sound projection
  • String ends color-coded
  • Made in italy