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Positive Grid
150-Watt 4-Channel Combo Amp and PA System

List Price: $749.00



Spark LIVE is much more than an amp. It's everything! A portable, multi-channel, all-in-one experience is here. Plug in guitar, bass, vocals, keys—or all at once. Fueled by Sonic IQ Computational Audio, this 4-channel smart amp and PA system is packed with amps, effects and a mixer. Miraculously compact and loud, with optional battery power, Spark LIVE delivers big, adaptive sound for any event. Born to play. We didn’t want to just build a bigger, louder Spark. Instead, we’ve pushed the boundaries of today’s technology to redefine what's possible for a live gigging amp. The result is Spark LIVE, a revolutionary game-changer for live music. It's not just an amp, it's a radical leap forward, offering an all-in-one portable solution. Spark LIVE is designed for musicians craving versatility, power, and groundbreaking live music capabilities—the ultimate gig-ready amp. More than an amp. It’s everything. Fueled by advanced computational audio technology, Spark LIVE is compact with more than enough volume to play with drums. This 4-channel multi-instrument PA and mixer is rugged and battery powered,³ a future-proof performance powerhouse with plug-in-and-go simplicity.
  • 4-Channel Multi-Instrument Smart Amp
  • PA System with Mixer
  • Sonic IQ Computational Audio
  • Big Adaptive Sound for Any Event
  • Compact, Portable, Battery (Optional)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth Futureproof