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25.5" RC-series (Renaissance) Hazy Timpani Head With Low-profile Steel Insert Ring
Item ID: RC-2508-LA

List Price: $302.00


Remo RC-Series (Renaissance) Hazy Timpani Heads project through orchestras and wind ensembles with a warm, dark sound that blends particularly well. They're as close as you can get to real calfskin in terms of sound quality and consistency, and require only a fraction of the maintenance. The low-profile steel insert ring provides a strong, thin bearing edge for the head to rest upon, increasing tuning consistency and making the seating process easier to deal with. Unlike the tall steel insert ring, this version only raises the head above the counterhoop a small amount. Do not use steel insert rings if you plan on taking the timpani outside - the ring will rust when exposed to moisture.
  • Warm, Dark Timbre
  • Calfskin-Like Feel and Sound
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Blends Excellently with Orchestra
  • Low-Profile Ring Boosts Pitch Clarity
  • Head Level Remains Low