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Harmony Bars, Two Tone, Set Of 3
Item ID: HB-3229-70

List Price: $408.00


Harmony Bars™ are available in sets of three each featuring two tones that are color coded to match notes in the C Major pentatonic scale. The Harmony Bar two tone design allows individual players to create simple melodic and rhythmic patterns that blend with other instruments tuned to C major pentatonic, as well as non-pitched percussion like shakers, small drums and tambourines. Remo Harmony Bars are high quality tonal instruments, hand tuned, that produce soothing, melodic and harmonically pleasing sounds. They are simple to play, especially for those who have never played a musical instrument before! There are three Harmony Bars, each with two complimentary notes, E&C, D&A, C&G all based in C major pentatonic, making it easy to play rhythmic and melodic patterns, and they all blend beautifully with one other, creating a rich and harmonious sound environment. Each instrument has four small, sturdy rubber feet so that they can be played on any stable surface individually or as a set. The powder coated aluminum body is very durable, and the injection molded end caps are color matched to their corresponding note, making it possible to create musical compositions using colors instead of musical notation. The note names are molded into the colored end caps for use in music education settings. Remo Harmony Bars are wonderful instruments for personal relaxation or group facilitation. Size: 2"x 2"x 9".