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Heavy Core Korn Signature Series Electric Guitar String Set With Custom-print Tortex (10-65)
Item ID: KRHCN1065

List Price: $32.75


Korn’s Head and Munky helped kick off the nu-metal movement with 7-string guitars and aggressive downtuned grooves. Searching for a way to evolve that sound and fully unlock the true potential of their instruments, they came to Dunlop. We worked closely with both players to build a set of strings around Heavy Core technology for increased dynamic range, optimal tension when drop-tuned, and and incredible tuning stability. This is that set of strings—carefully tailored to the tonal and tactile dynamics of 7-string guitars. Each set includes a custom-print Tortex® Pick—the very same one that Head and Munky use to dig in after stringing up. Get the sound and feel that they depend on—whether they’re cutting tracks in the studio or throwing it down on stage—with Heavy Core Korn Guitar Strings.
  • Gauges: 10, 13, 17, 28, 38, 48, 65