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Professional In-Ear Monitors
Item ID: ZIEM1

List Price: $227.00


Featuring a Dual Dynamic Driver design, the frequency response delivers a round low end, forward and present mid-range, and smooth high end. SpinFit™ ear tips offer increased isolation from outside noise. With a comfortable, flexible core design, the ear tips create a better seal within the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound field dispersion path.
  • Made of a premium, soft silicone material with an ergonomic design, SpinFit™ ear tips provide increased noise isolation for better audio performance and lasting comfort.
  • Dual Dynamic Driver delivers a smooth frequency response for all listening application.
  • Includes: round carrying case, medium and large SpinFit™ ear tips, ¼” adapter and cleaning tool.
  • A detachable cable ensures years of use and durability.