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20" Powerstroke P3 Colortone Pink Bass Drum Head
Item ID: P3-1320-CT-PK

List Price: $99.25


Remo Colortone Drum Heads combine Skyndeep imaging technology with the sound and feel of the extremely popular Powerstroke P3 drum heads to create a colorful, exciting drum head that sounds and feels great. On an acrylic drum set, these heads can make your drums look like they are a totally different color. On a drum set with a regular finish, these can also provide a flare that gives your drums a fresh look, and the Powerstroke heads get a full, deep sound from your kick drum. These heads are perfect for the gigging drummer! People won't stop telling you how cool your drums look. Remo Powerstroke P3 Bass Heads are constructed from a ply of 10-mil Mylar film and a 10-mil underlay at the outer edge that dampens high-pitched, annoying overtones. This helps to create a great balance between response and clear tone.
  • Single Ply
  • 10-Mil Mylar Film
  • Transform the Look of Your Drums
  • Underlay Dampens Overtones
  • Bright, Cutting Attack
  • 10-Mil Underlay